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PRP, is an all natural hair restoration technique. Plasma containing important stem cells and other growth factors, is then injected into the scalp to stimulate new hair growth and circulation to the treated areas.



Microneedling has been effective in reversing hair loss by stimulating blood flow, increasing the availability of cell nutrients, releasing vascular endothelial factor (VEGF), and upregulating fibroblast growth factor (FGF-7). When combined with home treatments and PRP, the results are further enhanced.



Vitamin B12 plays a vital role in cell division, red blood cell production and metabolism explains why a B12 deficiency impacts hair quality. The vitamin is required to produce new hair cells and promote hair growth. Vitamin B12 shots also boost energy and only take about 15 minutes.



LATISSE solution is a once-nightly treatment you apply topically to the base of your upper eyelashes, as instructed by your doctor. Then, gradually, the results come in. You may start to see more length in as little as 4 weeks and you should achieve full growth in16 weeks. It's not an illusion of growth. It is real lash growth.


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