Taking a Closer Look at the Benefits of PRP Hair Treatment

Innovative PRP hair treatment has grown in popularity in recent years as an ideal solution for both men and women looking for a solution for thinning hair. Non-invasive, and without the use of dangerous chemicals or substances, this process can do wonders for anyone experiencing hair loss and for whom other solutions haven't been successful.

In this article, we'll explore PRP in more depth, talk about some of the benefits, and help you determine if this style of treatment is right for you.

What Is PRP Hair Treatment?

PRP is short for platelet rich plasma therapy. It is a three-step, non-invasive treatment that works to restore hair that has started to thin or is beginning to fall out. The process generally requires multiple treatments to see the full effect, but you'll be able to see results after just a single application.

How Does It Work?

PRP treatment for hair loss works by using deriviatives of your own blood. A trained aesthetician draws a small amount of blood and places it into a centrifuge to separate out the platelet-rich plasma. That plasma is then quickly and painlessly re-injected into the scalp to stimulate growth.

The process works because the platelet-rich plasma activates critical growth factors in the localized site of injection that increase blood supply to the hair follicle. The increase in blood flow helps to stimulate the hair follicle, resulting in an increase in both hair growth and thickness.

What Are the Benefits?

Besides the obvious benefit that this treatment just plain works, there are a lot of other reasons to love PRP hair treatments. These include:


Beyond the drawing of blood, there is nothing invasive about this treatment. The procedure doesn't hurt, won't require you to take excess time out of your busy schedule, and even allows you to resume your day immediately following an appointment.


PRP treatments for hair loss are extremely safe. As a rule, clinics will usually require a full medical history, to ensure the treatment is appropriate and won't present any adverse effects. That said, unless you’re on blood thinners or a heavy smoker, there are very few people who wouldn't be considered ideal candidates for this treatment.


PRP has long been used to effectively treat muscle, tendon and other musculoskeletal issues. Only in recent years have the benefits of PRP on hair loss truly been realized. In most cases, PRP hair treatment results can reverse the impact of thinning hair and hair loss, restoring your luscious locks and bringing back that boost of confidence you deserve.


Satisfied customers all over the country love the convenience of PRP treatments. You can simply arrive for your appointment, settle in, and let your aesthetician go to work. An hour or so later you can walk right out, without any need for downtime or complicated recovery regimens. It doesn't get any easier than that.


PRP treatments for hair loss can be utilized by virtually anyone irrespective of age or gender, who's experiencing hair loss. Men with visible baldness, postpartum women with bald spots or thinning hair — if you want thicker hair that feels and looks great, then PRP is the solution for you.

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With innovative PRP hair treatments, you can put a halt to hair loss and reverse its effects, restoring your confidence and giving you the thick luscious hair you've always dreamed of. At Glamour MD, our skilled and friendly aestheticians make this effective treatment as simple and straightforward as possible, letting you enjoy the benefits for years to come.

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